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baupanel panel types

baupanel® is now present throughout the world working with governments and construction companies alike and have the necessary capacity, integrity and experience to develop great industrial and social projects all over the world.

The main advantages of baupanel® are the excellent thermal insulation, the great structural resistance, the shorter construction timeline of up to 40% and above all, the higher interior capacity, compared (up to 5%)to a traditional build on the same plot size.

This is due to the fact that a traditional wall is approximately 25 cm thick, but with baupanel® it is reduced to 16cm, whilst still improving on the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of  traditional construction.


BAUPANEL® Simple panel (BPR/BPN/BPC/BPF)Simple Panel

The simple panel is the most versatile and offers several areas of application:


This type of panel is applied for load-bearing structures with discharge of structural micro-concrete on both sides.


It is applied on vertical closings of exterior facades and on dividing walls, both in new buildings and in those reforms totally made with the System.


It is used as vertical closing, both exterior and interior, in buildings with pre-existing structures.


It is used as a resistant and thermo-insulating structural element for flooring structures and covers of up to 6m span.

BAUPANEL® Unidirectional (BPU) Panel

It is thought to build large span floor frameworks. It allows the inclusion of additional steel bars in a space prepared with coffers to be later concreted on site in the traditional manner. It is very similar to the traditional solution of unidirectional floor framework of ribs in situ.

BAUPANEL® Double (BPD) Panel

This is constituted by two simple panels, properly outlined and joined together through horizontal connectors. It results in a permanent formwork to be filled with concrete of suitable characteristics and resistance, which will depend on the structural requirements. It is used basically for large scale land retention.

BAUPANEL® Staircase Panel

It is constituted by a block of expanded polystyrene, cut and outlined according to the project design and covered with two outlined steel meshes joined together with electro-welded connectors. This panel, once properly assembled and completed with concrete filled inside the conduits built-in the very same panel, is then ready for its use in stairway flights of up to 6 metres free span. The stairway panel is characterized by its easy and rapid installation plus an unique lightness and high structural resistance.

BAUPANEL® Landing Panel

This is a panel ready-designed for bi-directional reinforcement for the construction of stairway landings.

BAUPANEL® Dilatation Joint

It is a variant of the BPR-BPN system (simple panel) used to resolve the dilatation joints and dividing walls. It consists of a simple panel and three parallel meshes connected between them by 80 galvanized conectors/m2 of panel. This makes possible that all the coats of the finished wall work together. The inner space between the meshes is filled up with discharged micro-concrete on site.

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