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The Baupanel® building solution is based on a set of structural panels made up of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a basic frame attached to the side of the panels. The frame consists of highly resistant steel mesh and corrugated bars linked together with electrically-welded steel connectors.

The Baupanel® flexibility and the simplicity of assembly make it possible to build most kinds of construction, from detached houses to medium rise buildings.

It is a versatile building method and it can be adapted with other traditional and non traditional building methods.

The panels are installed on site according to the layout of the walls, partitions and framework of the project and they are finished on site by applying micro-concrete through a mechanism known as pneumatic discharge (shortcrete).

The panels constitute the structural elements of the vertical and horizontal fixings of a building. The structural systems as well as the thermal acoustic insulation properties are designed to meet the building standards of the country where the construction takes place.

This is a building method of fluid joints because the join between the various elements is continuous. Once the concrete has been discharged there are no horizontal or vertical joints, regardless of the dilation joint if it is required according to the project.

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