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baupanel machine types

BAUPANEL® Batch Pre-expander

The manufacture of polystyrene block is made from compounds of polystyrene in the form of perlites which containing a blowing agent (usually pentane). With the pre-expander will expand the perlites which will be kept in silos of rest and then are driven into moulding machines (block making).

BAUPANEL® Air Cooling EPS Block Molding Machine

Once expanded perlite in the pre-expander, inside the machine to make blocks is applied thermal energy for the blowing agents containing the perlites are hot and they increase their volume. During this process, the material adapts to the shape of the machine of blocks that contain it.

BAUPANEL® EPS Cutting Machine

Cutting machine automatic polystyrene block. It consists of a cutting table 4 meters and a conveyor belt of polystyrene blocks, which thought a hot wire system will cut the block with the desired design. Can be designed by numerical control software itself or by an external program AutoCad.

BAUPANEL® EPS Recycling system


BAUPANEL® Folding Machine

This folding Machine is a high performance machine and automated. By straightening galvanized steel coils, produces connectors of different sizes that will join the mesh of each panel through electro-soldee, leaving the polystyrene central core.

BAUPANEL® Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine Line

The machine of mesh is composed of 20 reels that by straightening up, is going to constitute longitudinal threads of the mesh and solder electro transversal thread it necessary to straightening prior. Machine of high-performance and precision.

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baupanel machine types

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