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BaucadPanel 3D Software

Baucad3d is a programme designed specifically for the Baupanel® construction system.

It allows automatic generation of drawings, measurements and estimates based directly on the architectural plans provided by the client for any project.

Baucad3d automatically converts any architectural drawings from DWG files to a standardized format for design when building with the Baupanel system.

It performs a decomposition of all vertical and horizontal elements of the system, fully optimizing the use of panels, and ascertains the number of panels required for a project. This decomposition of panels is re-presented, fenced and referenced with respect to the panels drawn on the plans. 

From the panelised project plans, Baucad3d creates the estimate and calculation of the elements required to build a house using the Baupanel® system.  The software also performs a calculation of the materials needed for the manufacture and produces the quantities of additional material needed (steel for starter rebars and reinforcement in slabs, microcrete for spraying and poured concrete, etc..) as well as labour costs in order to obtain an estimate for the execution of the shell and core.

In addition, Baucad makes a 3D drawing based on the floor plan of the panelised building, representing 3-dimensional positioning of the various panels, which makes the plans for the installation phase easier to interpret.

The 3D design obtained can be used for photo-realistic presentations from AutoCAD, 3D Studio or other computer graphics programmes.

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