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Baupanel® delivers an improved building solution that substantially reduces direct and indirect construction costs whilst at the same time being eco friendly using Expanded Polystyrene which is biologically inert, non toxic and stable.

In addition Baupanel® is 100% recycled and, whilst being lightweight, maintains the high load resistance of traditional building methods.

The Baupanel® cost savings are due to the fact that it has one solution fulfilling two tasks, being high load resistance walls as well as thermo-acoustic insulation. This coupled with lightweight panels and quick installation negates the need for cranes and heavy plant and machinery, utilising less manpower as a consequence, contributing to substantial cost savings when compared to other building methods.

It is also provides many other unique selling points including the fact  that it is fire resistant, as it is self extinguishing and avoids the propagation of flames. Baupanel® is also seismic resistant, many buildings have successfully supported harsh earthquakes. It has proven also to be hurricane resistant; where buildings located in high risk areas of hurricanes have shown great capacity to withstand the most devastating storms. 

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